The all natural skin restorative serum, no drugs or chemicals,
rejuvenates your cellular repair system

DERMIPLAST ANTI-AGING SKIN SERUM combines rapid and sustained improvement.

You do not have to settle for a temporary reduction in the appearance of bags under your eyes, wrinkles, dark circles and the many visual effects of stress, aging, genetics and a multitude of other factors.

Dermiplast starts to work instantly, and the initial results are evident in minutes after the initial application. More important, the Dermiplast formula penetrates the superficial papillary region and promotes the generation of the structural components of the dermis as described below.

The dermis or corium is a layer of skin between the epidermis (with which it makes up the cutis) and subcutaneous tissues, that primarily consists of dense irregular connective tissue and cushions the body from stress and strain. It is divided into two layers, the superficial area adjacent to the epidermis called the papillary region and a deep thicker area known as the reticular dermis. The dermis is tightly connected to the epidermis through a basement membrane. Structural components of the dermis are collagen, elastic fibers, and extrafibrillar matrix. It also contains mechanoreceptors that provide the sense of touch and thermoreceptors that provide the sense of heat. In addition, hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands (oil glands), apocrine glands, lymphatic vessels, nerves and blood vessels are present in the dermis. Those blood vessels provide nourishment and waste removal for both dermal and epidermal cells.

This skin is the most voluminous organ of the body and reflects the effects of the environment as well as intrinsic factors including aging, stress and genetics.

There are multiple contributing factors to the phenomena of skin aging. They include cellular senescence, the decrease in cellular DNA repair capacity oxidative stress, and the very important factor of the exposure of skin to UV radiation.


How To Use

The best application is done using Q-tips or cotton tip swabs. Saturate the cotton tip with 3 or 4 drops of the serum for use under each eye or skin area.

Swab the area to be treated ensuring that a thin film of the serum is deposited on the area being treated. The treated area will dry to a considerable extent within a few minutes and will not be readily visible. The rapid improvement in the visual appearance of treated areas while cosmetically desirable is not the primary function of the serum.

The almost invisible but residual film on the area being treated ensures that the active ingredients in the serum will be absorbed and penetrate into the cells of the subcutaneous layers. That is where the long term restorative work takes place.

The treatment should be done once daily for 6 to 8 weeks or until the desired results are achieved, and then twice a week after that for maintenance.



Ingredients of the Dermiplast Serum

Retinol, Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen peptides, Coenzyme Q10, Argan oil, Ylang-Ylang, Vitamin C serum

Ingredients are dissolved in our exclusive transdermal penetrating emollient base



30 ml dropper bottle


60 day supply

120 ml dropper bottle

$110.00 (Save 30%)

4 - 6 month supply for cellular maintenance

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